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VMware Horizon Mirage RES Automation Manager Integration

So in my previous post “VMware Horizon Mirage RES Workspace Manager Integration” I covered the simplicity of integrating Workspace Manager with Mirage…

The good news is that RES Automation Manager and Service Orchestration integrate just as seamlessly.

Again if you have integrated Automation Manager and/or Service Orchestration with VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop or even a good old sysprep deployment before then this is really nothing new.

  • Install the Automation Manager agent on the Mirage reference machine
  • Locate the agent in the Automation Manager management console and open its properties
  • Click on Prepare for Image and following the instructions (you can choose to run automation tasks when agents are first invoked).


Note that if you set a runbook/project to run when the Mirage client is “layered”, this job will run on every subsequent Mirage re-layering or layer update. – We found this useful in a hotdesk and/or student environment as we run delprof2 to clear any local user profiles or any profiles that didn’t remove properly (be nice if Mirage had an option to clean/remove local profiles).

Service Orchestration… Simple… Just install the Service Orchestration client on the reference machine, configure it to point to your environment.

So there you have it… Some more validation of how to combine the most exciting next gen deployment and management technology with the best user environment and system/service automation technology available today!

Fingers crossed our VMware Horizon Mirage business case is successful because I wouldn’t want to do it any other way!

VMware Horizon Mirage RES Workspace Manager Integration

Probably one of the best acquisitions in end point computing (in recent times) was VMware’s crafty swipe for Wanova.

In my opinion VMware Horizon Mirage (formally Wanova Mirage) is the best next generation Windows deployment and management platform in the market today.

To learn more see: https://www.vmware.com/products/desktop_virtualization/mirage/overview.html

And for some more in depth info of their layering coolness see:

RES Workspace Manager
So we’re currently at the end of our pilot phase with Mirage and are now in that “anxious” Business Case phase. Like with any project you must set out clear success criteria. For us one of the key check boxes was compatibility with the RES product suite.

So the good news is that if you have integrated Workspace Manager with VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop before, it’s pretty much the same process.

Configure Workspace Manager to ‘Identify Agents By’ ‘Computer domain name and NetBIOS name’.


Simply install Workspace Manager on your Mirage reference machine as you would with your parent/golden VDI image and that’s it. Publish the base layer to your Mirage end-points and off you go.

Hardly worth blogging about I know but sometimes with something “new” people like a little validation.

Next up, VMware Horizon Mirage RES Automation Manager Integration! – Not hard either…