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RES, vWorkspace and WinTPC – A Winning Combo

I bet there is not many (if any) people doing all three at the same time but I am and am pretty sure we will use this as our re-purposing strategy…

Check out this video of our RES Workspace Manager, Quest vWorkspace and Microsoft WinTPC repurposing blockbuster here:

This was actually filmed some time back using the first public beta of WinTPC… the login process is roughly 5 seconds faster now and the black screen “delay” on logout no longer happens.

It’s obvious to me but just to explain the process of whats going on….

Firstly, we have deployed WinTPC through our normal delivery methods, bound it to AD, Installed the vWorkspace Connector and installed RES Workspace Manager which, adds it’s self into a WinTPC workspace container.

The video shows the following steps,

User logging into WinTPC.

RES Workspace Manager composes the users desktop which, auto launches a full screen vWorkspace session at login.

RES Workspace Manager composes the user desktop on the remote session. The user can now work…

Once finished with the remote session, the user logs out (instant logoff enabled in Workspace Manager)

Workspace Manager automatically logs the user off the physical workstation.

Job done!

Wait… What happens if a user needs to access another remote desktop/session?

Well RES have you covered here… Actually there are many waits you could splice this but my favourite (this week anyway) is to assign a different workspace container (with the other remote session allocated to it) to the same device and have the user choose at login…

Wait (again)…. What happens if they need to access multiple desktop sessions at the same time?

Well… RES (and only RES in this situation) have you covered again too… VDX styleeee.

I will document the steps to configure this setup in the near future….Honest 😉

Goody bye.