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Goodbye Old Friend – Hello New World

Without sounding big headed I genuinely thought we had and in “some” areas still have one of the most modern desktop environments going (at a solutions level anyway). While I’m full of opinions I’ll always engage 100% with what’s around the corner even if sometimes past loyalties have to be moved to one side for the greater good.

But what was good for yesteryear is not always appropriate to move us forward.

Hello New World
It is with great pleasure to announce that we have entered into a 3 year deal with VMware for an Enterprise License Agreement for our entire datacentre and EUC stack – Horizon Mirage and View. This is part of a clear step forward for us as we rationalise/standardise our strategic partners moving forward and meet the growing demands of our Business and users.

On a personal level, this (the Mirage element) is something I’ve been working hard on for a long time and is finally coming to fruition – I’m looking forward to the next few months!

In addition to this we are drastically scaling back our VDI architecture (Losing our claim on the largest RemoteFX environment) to a deployment for 1000 CCU sessions using IBM, Teradici and Atlantis Ilio (Did I mention how cool Ilio is?). Why are we scaling back our remote desktop offering? What was wrong with it? Why we’re moving forward with traditional desktops? – These questions will be answered at Briforum UK (shameless plug).


BTW – View has come a long way since I last reviewed it… Looking forward to seeing how the elements of desktone and View are merged together in the future.

The ELA and new VDI environment are just a few of the many activities and projects under way that I will no doubt talk about in the future.

So that leads me too…

Goodbye Old Friend
As I’ve already said sometimes old loyalties have to be moved to one side and through all the excitement and great things we’re embarking on there is inevitably going to be a victim (or two).

My old friend in this case is Dell vWorkspace (formally Quest).

It’s no secret that I’ve always been the biggest vWorkspace fan boy, arguing why it’s a valid competitor to Citrx/VMware and promoting it at all sorts of events. I don’t think this will change. I truly think from a management/IT perspective it’s the best remote desktop solution going.

However… It no longer fulfils our Business and User requirements moving forward. There are some other “reasons” why we’re moving away too but I don’t think now is the time to share these – That would require a bar to be present 🙂

It’s been one hell of a time vWorkspace. I wish the remaining vWorkspace team (not many left now) all the best for the future

So why did I blog this? I know we’re observed by vendors and organisations as to what we do in this space. I felt I had to state that vWorkspace isn’t being retired because it’s a bad product. It’s just no longer has a place here and we’re moving on to bigger and better things.

Top RDP Enhancement Tweak – MinSendInterval

[Skip the nonsense/story – Take me to the good stuff]

Before I start, click the link above to go straight to the enhancement.

One of the things that I hate about “VDI” marketing is when vendors use the term “native experience” or “as good as local”. This can be taken in many ways but I find most if not all to be complete b***ox!

Despite not using XenDesktop for many reasons I’m happy to admit that the out of the box ICA protocol wooops out of the box RDP. This was my largest pain when we moved away from our XenDesktop pilot (first version of XenDesktop) and moved to what was a recent purchase at the time, Quest’s vWorkspace. Don’t get me wrong vWorkspace is my preferred solution and out performs XenDesktop on many levels but it fundamentally uses RDP as it’s it display protocol.

When you move the mouse cursor up and down the start menu, the item on the menu is highlighted in pretty much real time. Do this over RDP and you will notice a slight delay. Do a freehand circle in MS paint with the brush tool over RDP and the movement is jerky. Insert the smiley face shape in Word, re-size and move it around the screen, again in RDP this is jerky.

ICA doesn’t suffer with this so why should RDP??. At the end of the day those tasks I described aren’t the tasks of power users or gamers. This is basic Windows functionality. Actually scrolling up and down a web page or document with standard RDP is NOT good.

The enhancement for this is actually an old fix by MS for a mouse lag issue with early versions of Terminal Services. This is MS’s blurb,

On a client computer, if you use Microsoft Terminal Services Advanced Client 5.1 or later to connect to a terminal server (that is, a server that has Terminal Server enabled), you may notice that the mouse pointer movement is not smooth; it may move in small jerks. This is most noticeable when you use a painting program, such as Microsoft Paint, or the drawing tools in a Microsoft Office program.

You know the phrase, “you can’t polish a turd”? Well that applies to RDP but with this enhancement you can roll it in glitter 🙂

Close down any open RDP sessions on the client computer and start Regedit. Navigate to the following registry subkey:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client

Create a new DWORD called, Min Send Interval (with spaces). Set the value to 10 and exit Regedit.Normally this is good enough but if it makes you feel better restart the computer.

I’ve tested this process for HKLM as an alternative to HKCU on Vista and Win7. I assume it works for XP clients too.

Open up an RDP session and you “should” notice a big difference in the visual performance.

At some point I’ll do a Hollywood Spielberg style video of a before and after registry change to prove it really works!

Happy glittering!